Why Costa Rica?

Historically, trips for medical or health reasons have been linked to tourism, as it is assumed that the person will engage in recreational or tourist activities during their stay. This, to some extent, is true.

However, the primary reason for the patient to travel is to access treatment, surgery, or therapy that enhances their health, appearance, or overall well-being.

Nearly 100,000 patients visit Costa Rica annually for medical tourism

Medical tourism in Costa Rica: the best choice for your dental treatment

The main reason for offshore medical visits is price, since medical and dental procedures can be between 50% and 70% cheaper in our country than in the United States.

Despite its small size, Costa Rica is home to 6% of global biodiversity, with a quarter of its territory dedicated to conservation and natural protection. Costa Rica provides an ideal combination of relaxation, adventure, culture and refined gastronomy.

Visitors discover in our country a paradise immersed in a sublime and safe natural environment. In addition, it has four sites recognized as World Heritage by UNESCO.

This is due to the outstanding academic level of the population, as well as the high standards of modern services and the social and political stability it presents.

Why Costa Rica is so affordable?

The education system is free, so doctors graduate with zero debt.
Costa Rica is a green country that has invested heavily in tourism infrastructure and logistics.
We are a free country and don't have an army, so the money is allocated to different sectors such as healthcare.

Why we are your best option?

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